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Rodney Bingenheimer on The Underground Garage

The Rodney Bingenheimer Show
Playlist: January 5, 2020
Theme: Happy Birthday Elvis and Bowie
The Underground Garage

MFQ “This Could Be the Night”
Rob Bonfiglio w/ Carnie Wilson “Rodney’s On The Radio”
Dorothy Provine + The Entire Company “The Roaring Twenties”
The Breeders “New Year”
The Jigsaw Seen “First Day Of The New Year”
20/20 “Action Now”
*Litterbug “Time Machine”
David Bowie “Shapes Of Things”
Elvis Presley “Do The Clam”
Feet “Petty Thieving”
King Flamingo “Lights Over My Street”
The Beach Boys “All I Want To Do”
*BBQT “Golden Twenty”
Frankie + The Studs “Hole In My Head”
Syteria “New World
Grrl Friday “Little Red Lines”
Hayley and The Crushers “Gabbie is A Domme”
The Girls “Barney Google”
*Biffy Clyro “Modern Love”
The Cherry Drops “Bowie Medley”
The Tin Machine “Under The God”
Hunt Sales Memorial “Way On My Own”
Big Sky “David Bowie”
20/20 “Giving It All”
*Justine and The Unclean “Picking A Fight”
Bikini Kill “Rebel Girl”
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts “Rebel, Rebel”
Suzi Quatro “All Shook Up”
Kristeen Young w/ David Bowie “Saviour”
Elvis Presley “Slicin’ Sand”
*Chum “Sandals and Sunscreen”
The Bristol Stingrays “Different Life”
False Heads “Twenty Nothing”
The Barbarellatones “Fabulocity”
*Ride “Fifteen Minutes”
David Bowie “Cracked Actor”
Lulu “Watch That Man”
Veruca Salt “With David Bowie”
Susana Hoffs “Boys Keep Swinging”
The Aquadolls “Suck On This”
*Bad Mary “I Robot”
Pinky and The Trio “Don’t Bring Lulu
*The Vulturas “Better Days”
The Jacks “In The Bleak Midwinter”
Reverend Horton Heat “Viva Las Vegas”
Elvis Presley “Black Star”
*Michael Monroe “Last Train To Tokyo”
David Bowie “Seven”
The Muffs “Lucky Charm”
Not Ur Girlfrenz “Song About You”
The Von Tramps “Beg Your Parton”
The Dollyrots “Last Ones On Earth”
*BREE “18”
Kill My Coquette “Put Me In Your Movie Quentin Tarantino”
Cranky “David Bowie Cries For No One”
David Bowie “The Jean Genie”
The Jigsaw Seen “Sell Me A Coat”
The Nuns “Elvis Said”
These New Puritans “Elvis”
Queen “Jailhouse Rock” (Live)
*BREE “Damn, I’m Being Me Again”
Dog Party “I Feel Fine”
Guppy “420 7-11 (I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down)”
Starcrawler “Rich Taste”
Fea “Girl Band’
The Smiths “His Latest Flame/Rusholme Ruffians”
The Roxy Suicide “Alice Bowie”
Gyasi “All Messed Up”
T. Rex “20th Century Boy”
Dweezil Zappa w/ David Brighton “I’m Afraid of Americans”
Alain Whyte “Runaway”
*Litterbug “Time Machine”
Pop Will Eat Itself “Rock-A-Hula-Baby”
Elvis Presley “Hard Headed Woman”